1: 1. Hazelnuts galore! Discover the world's top hazelnut destinations in our ultimate nut lovers guide. Get ready for a nutty adventure!

2: 2. Journey to Oregon's Willamette Valley, where misty orchards abound. Indulge in hazelnut-infused delicacies and embrace the nutty allure.

3: 3. Italy's Piedmont region awaits, where centuries-old hazelnut groves offer a sensory delight. Discover the secret behind Italy's famous gianduja.

4: 4. Get a taste of Turkey's hazelnut paradise along the Black Sea coast. Delve into the history and tradition surrounding these treasured nuts.

5: 5. Georgia, the birthplace of hazelnuts, invites you to explore its sun-kissed plantations. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Georgian cuisine.

6: 6. Venture to Spain's picturesque countryside where hazelnut trees stretch as far as the eye can see. Savor traditional Spanish hazelnut delights.

7: 7. Visit Oregon's charming city, Eugene, for a hazelnut-centric experience. Discover local breweries, bakeries, and cafes all celebrating this beloved nut.

8: 8. Traverse the beautiful landscapes of Northern Italy's Langhe and Roero regions, home to hazelnut orchards and renowned wineries. A true sensory delight!

9: 9. Last but not least, explore the Hazelnut Trail in Turkey, an enchanting route taking you through idyllic villages and breathtaking scenery. Nut lovers' paradise awaits!