1: 1. Norway: Embracing freezing showers, Norwegians believe it invigorates their mind, boosts circulation, and strengthens resilience.

2: 2. Sweden: Cold showers are a way of life here, providing a stimulating start to the day, improving skin health, and increasing energy levels.

3: 3. Finland: Known for saunas, Finns complement the experience with icy showers, which improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and enhances mood.

4: 4. Russia: Embracing cold showers for centuries, Russians enjoy the revitalizing effect it has on the immune system, promoting overall health and endurance.

5: 5. Canada: In extreme cold climates, Canadians opt for chilling showers to invigorate their senses, improve alertness, and enhance mental focus.

6: 6. Iceland: With natural hot springs, Icelanders balance it by regularly indulging in cold showers to improve skin health, boost immunity, and elevate mood.

7: 7. Switzerland: Swiss residents find relief from hot summer days with crisp showers, which help reduce inflammation, promote blood flow, and enhance recovery.

8: 8. Mongolia: Cold showers are embraced here as a daily ritual, boosting resilience against harsh weather, improving circulation, and strengthening the immune system.

9: 9. South Korea: Known for public bathhouses, Koreans alternate between hot saunas and cold showers, which helps improve circulation, tighten pores, and promote glowing skin.