1: 1. Szechuan Spicy Wontons: Fiery and addictive, these dumplings pack a punch of flavors, leaving you craving for more. 2. Peking Duck Pancakes: Succulent roasted duck, tender pancakes, and tangy hoisin sauce combine for an unforgettable taste sensation. 3. Xiaolongbao: These soup-filled dumplings are a true delicacy, bursting with savory broth and juicy pork filling.

2: 1. Stinky Tofu: Don't be fooled by the name, this fermented tofu dish surprises with its crispy exterior and creamy interior. 2. Jianbing: A popular savory crepe-like street food, featuring a harmonious blend of eggs, crispy crackers, and flavorful sauces. 3. Bubble Tea: Sweet and refreshing, this Taiwanese invention features chewy tapioca pearls immersed in a variety of flavored teas.

3: 1. Scallion Pancakes: Crispy and fragrant, these pan-fried pancakes are perfect for scooping up savory sauces or enjoying on their own. 2. Hot Pot: Dive into a bubbling cauldron of simmering broth, cook an assortment of fresh ingredients, and savor the deliciousness. 3. Lanzhou Beef Noodles: Slurp up these hand-pulled noodles immersed in a rich and aromatic spiced beef broth.

4: 1. Mongolian Barbecue: Create your own culinary masterpiece by selecting your preferred meats, veggies, and sauces for grilling. 2. Tea Eggs: These marbled eggs, boiled in a flavorful tea-based liquid, are a popular and protein-packed Chinese snack. 3. Jianbing Guozi: An upgraded version of Jianbing, this dish features a stuffed pancake filled with various ingredients like sausage or pickles.

5: 1. Lion's Head Meatballs: With a name stemming from its size and appearance, these meatballs are tender, juicy, and full of flavor. 2. Guotie: Also known as potstickers, these pan-fried dumplings boast a crispy bottom and a juicy, meaty filling. 3. Roujiamo: Often referred to as Chinese hamburgers, these sandwiches feature tender braised meat stuffed inside a soft and fluffy bun.

6: 1. Sesame Balls: Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, these fried glutinous rice balls are coated in sesame seeds and filled with sweet surprises. 2. Zhurou Chuan: Skewered and grilled pork, marinated in flavorful spices, offers a delightful burst of charred goodness. 3. Stewed Pig's Feet: Although unusual to some, this gelatinous dish is tender, savory, and highly satisfying.

7: 1. Chongqing Fried Chicken: Get ready for an explosion of flavors with this spicy, crispy, and addictive street food delight. 2. Gui Street Oyster Omelette: Combining fresh oysters with scrambled eggs creates a unique and delicious dish, topped with umami-rich sauces. 3. Lü Rou Fan: Braised pork belly over rice is a comforting classic, offering melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich, savory flavors.

8: 1. Ma La Xiang Guo: Customize your own spicy stir-fry by selecting from a plethora of fresh vegetables, meats, and tongue-numbing spices. 2. Roasted Chestnuts: Warm and toasty, these seasonal treats are synonymous with Chinese street food culture during the colder months. 3. Dragon's Beard Candy: Watch skilled vendors pull sugar into delicate strands, wrapping nuts or chocolate for a deliciously sweet experience.

9: 1. Qingdao Braised Seafood: A medley of fresh shellfish - clams, mussels, and more - cooked to perfection with aromatic spices and soy sauce. 2. Spicy Cold Noodles: Chilled and seasoned with a fiery sesame sauce, these noodles offer a refreshing respite from hot street food options. 3. Hainanese Chicken Rice: Fragrant rice paired with succulent poached chicken and dipping sauces create a harmonious and satisfying meal.