1: Delightful Crepes: These thin, delectable pancakes filled with sweet or savory fillings have become an absolute favorite at festivals. Try them with Nutella or cheese and spinach!

2: Mouthwatering Tacos: Bursting with flavors, these Mexican wonders have taken festivals by storm. Whether it's stuffed with carnitas or grilled veggies, a taco is a street food must-have.

3: Flavorful Kebabs: Sizzling skewers of marinated meat or vegetables grilled to perfection, kebabs are a festival sensation. Treat your taste buds with juicy chicken or flavorful paneer kebabs.

4: Authentic Empanadas: These scrumptious pastry turnovers filled with various mouthwatering fillings are a hit at festivals. From classic beef to cheesy spinach, empanadas offer a burst of flavor.

5: Savory Samosas: These crispy, triangular pastries filled with spiced potatoes and peas are a popular street food delight at festivals. Pair them with tangy chutney for an explosion of taste.

6: Irresistible Churros: Cinnamon-sugar coated fried dough, served with a side of rich chocolate sauce – churros are the quintessential street food that will satisfy your sweet tooth at festivals.

7: Fusion Hot Dogs: Elevating the classic hot dog, festivals now offer unique and bold flavor combinations. Think sriracha-infused slaw or mac and cheese toppings for a taste like no other.

8: Exotic Bao Buns: Soft, fluffy steamed buns filled with tantalizing fillings like braised pork belly or crispy tofu – these Asian delicacies are a street food sensation at festivals.

9: Refreshing Popsicles: Beat the heat at festivals with vibrant, frozen treats on sticks. With innovative flavors like watermelon-lime or coconut-mango, these popsicles are a crowd-pleasing delight.