1: "Common Keto Mistakes: 1. Inadequate Fat Intake 2. Ignoring Hydration 3. Overindulging in Protein"

2: "Common Keto Mistakes: 4. Neglecting Electrolytes 5. Relying on Processed Foods 6. Not Tracking Carb Sources"

3: "How to Avoid Keto Mistakes: 1. Prioritize Healthy Fats 2. Drink Plenty of Water 3. Moderate Protein Consumption"

4: "How to Avoid Keto Mistakes: 4. Ensure Sufficient Electrolytes 5. Choose Whole, Real Foods 6. Monitor Carb Intake Carefully"

5: "Mistake: Skipping Nutrient-Rich Foods Solution: Include Veggies, Nuts, and Seeds"

6: "Mistake: No Adaptation Time Solution: Ease Into Ketosis Gradually"

7: "Mistake: Neglecting Essential Minerals Solution: Consume Sea Salt and Magnesium"

8: "Mistake: Not Adjusting Macros Solution: Regularly Recalculate Macros"

9: "Mistake: Neglecting Fiber Intake Solution: Incorporate High-Fiber Foods for Gut Health"